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      high tide herbal gummies, oils, and relief gel with weightlifting equipment

      Our Purpose

      We are health enthusiasts, former athletes, and coaches of multiple sports who believe in creating a world where good health is attainable for everyone.  It’s our mission to help others with their overall wellness.  We are steadfast in ensuring our products are produced the best ways possible. 

      Throughout our own toils of pain management we also witnessed family members and close friends also struggling to cope with pain. Some alike were dealing with pain from past and present years of competing in athletic competitions. Some conditions soon impeded the simplest of day to day tasks. We witnessed our loved ones dump thousands of dollars a year on therapy and pain killers to try and manage their days. We knew for our sake and theirs, that educating them about hemp based CBD would become a benefit far beyond what any pain pill could. We knew hemp could provide a cleaner and more natural product. And so the High Tide Herbal brand was created. The brand was created with family and friends in mind and we sought out to help everyone live the longest, healthiest, and most productive life possible.  

      Wellness, wholesomeness, and vitality are a necessary part of everyone’s life. We believe in wellness. Wellness is the quality and state of being in good health as an actively sought out goal. We believe in wholesomeness. Wholesomeness is the promotion of health and well-being of the mind, spirit and body. We believe in having vitality. Vitality is the power of enduring and the capacity to live and develop. We believe this is possible through the power of nature and we will continue along that journey while offering products with the best natural ingredients. It’s our mission to help others with their overall wellness.  We are steadfast in ensuring our products are produced the best ways possible. 



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