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      Cream and Gel

      Cream and Gel

      If you have sore muscles or need pain relief, our hemp oil infused pain relief cream with natural oils can be used to help achieve the best results. Our pain relief creams are designed to relieve muscle and arthritis pain and to target inflammation from sore muscles from strenuous workouts or just the daily tasks of life.

      Our collection of hydrating body creams have been formulated for versatile skincare health. These can be used to help soothe skin, with our freshly scented, non-greasy formula. These body creams are packed with rich essential oils for superior skin nourishment.


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      Hand Sanitizer 4 oz - High Tide Herbal ™ Hand Sanitizer 4 oz - High Tide Herbal ™
      From $8.99
      Cold Therapy Muscle Relief Gel Cold Therapy Muscle Relief Gel
      From $29.99